Periwinkle Daisy



Why did I decide to name my blog “Periwinkle Daisy”?

I love the color blue but my very favorite shade is Periwinkle. I would paint everything I could that color. I would even drive a car that color if my husband would let me! It’s just not a cool color for him to drive. I’m painting my craft room that color when we get it ready to paint. It is a color that makes me HAPPY!!!

Daisies are my favorite flowers. Especially Gerbera Daisies! I usually buy bright pink ones to plant in my yard because I have yet to find blue or better yet periwinkle ones to plant. My cat, Max, likes them too! Every time I try to grow them in the house, Max pops the heads off the stem as soon as they grow. They look a lot better when they have blooms on them!

So it just made sense to combine my two favorite things… Periwinkle Daisy!

I hope you enjoy my blog. It will be my place to share some of my favorite things. Some will be old favorites and some will be new favorites.  Maybe some of them will become your favorites too.

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