Where are the Indians this Thanksgiving?

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I have been out and about looking at Thanksgiving decorations and home décor recently and I am completely lost.  Where are the Indians this Thanksgiving?    They are no where to be seen.  The Pilgrims are all ready to celebrate the holiday.  They are everywhere setting up their feast.  And I have found turkeys galore.  Lots of cornacopieas as well.  I even found pheasants ready to join the party.  But did history rewrite itself when I wasn’t looking?


This is how I remember the story.  Haven’t we always been told that the Indians were there to teach the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish and farm?  Weren’t they there for the first Thanksgiving?  Why are we forgetting them now?  Is this world gotten so politically correct that we can’t have them as part of the celebration this year.  That is just silly.  They will be part of my decorations and Thanksgiving this year and every year after this.  I have a very tasteful set of Pilgrims and Indians that depict the Thanksgiving story nicely and will be proudly displayed on my mantle.


Disclaimer:  I know that they are Native Americans but ever since I was little the Indians and Pilgrims were part of Thanksgiving.  I’m using them for the sake of the story and mean no disrespect to anyone reading this.