All About Me

This is me!

My name is Shauna Roberts.  I am a wife, mom, friend and now a blogger. I enjoy scrapbooking and photography, so blogging seemed to be the next step (unless you count Pinterest but I would never want to admit that I spend way too much time there!)  Crafting is another thing I love but never have enough time to do all I would love to do!  I watch the Food Network and HGTV almost everyday!  I make the best marinara sauce but don’t ask for the recipe, it’s a secret!  My secret passion is Revenge!!!  I am a Dance Mom!  I used to be a Baseball Mom (I still am at heart.)  My kids are my world!


This is my husband Tim.  In May, we will be married 25 years.  He is a mortgage advisor who loves what he does. He enjoys helping others get the home of their dreams. He loves The Utah Jazz! He watches them on tv and live as much as possible. He also loves Utah Utes Football. We watch it with our friends always wearing RED!


This is my son Korbin.  He’s 20.  He is quite a golfer and snowboarder! His new sport is Frisbee Golf! He is my jokester and loves to tease people especially his sister!  He is a college man. He works in a restaurant at a local country club and likes to cook!  He has a Black Lab named Reggie who is his best friend.


This is Abby.  She is 16.  She is a beautiful dancer. She has been dancing since she was 3. She is currently dancing on her high school dance company.  She is my crafting buddy and movie buddy.  She enjoys music and has quite a collection of all different types of songs in her iTunes collection!  She loves concerts and will be a Jonas Brothers Girl forever!  And she loves Vampire Diaries!


So now you know All About Me!

All family photos on this page were taken by Fireflies Photography (

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