Wisdom Teeth

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My son has his wisdom teeth out yesterday!

When people find out they have to have their wisdom teeth out, most immediately dread it. And why not, everyone you talk to has had a bad experience or knows someone who had one. I myself got a dry socket when I had mine out. My son surprisingly did not dread it. He was optimistic and went in pretty relaxed. (I must note that it was the first day of his Spring Break and sunny so he was mad that we scheduled it was back 6 weeks ago for a day with good weather!)

It is also funny to hear all the advice people have for what to do when you get them out; don’t drink soda, no dairy products, no straws, stay down for 3 days, lots of drugs! His doctor gave him ice cream to take home!

He is doing amazing. Not much swelling, no noticeable bruising and just moderate pain. I think he was determined to feel better so he could enjoy some of this beautiful weather Utah is having! I also think that technology has come so much farther since I had mine out. Even the one that was lying on a nerve came out smoothly! Thank you to all who shared advice! We are following most of it and I think that is also a big reason why he is doing so well!

Wisdom Teeth are just another way we are all different! And Korbin, way to go and tackle wisdom teeth so fabulously!