Easter Baskets and Chocolate Bunnies

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It’s that time again! The time when we start seeing Easter everywhere. The time when we start thinking about the Easter Bunny coming to fill up those baskets. We still have a visit from that bunny every year.

When they were little, filling the basket was easy. They liked candy and lots of it. I would find a chocolate bunny that fit the age they were. I could put in cute toys, coloring books, crayons of course a stuffed bunny. That is how both my kids got their favorite stuffed animals that became their bedtime buddies. And we did an egg hunt with eggs filled candy and stickers and little toys.

When they got a little older, it became a little harder to fill those baskets. Their tastes got more specific. They started to like certain kinds of candy. Filling their baskets consisted of stuff like pens, colored markers and pencils, drawing pads, card games and of course the chocolate bunny! The eggs they hunted were filled with M & M’s and loose change.

Then they became teenagers. Now they have very specific tastes. They were barely looking at most of the stuff in the baskets. They ate the candy which is carefully chosen just for them. They would watch the DVD that was in their basket. But most of the stuff I painstakingly picked out just for them sat in the basket until I put it away or got rid of it. The egg hunt, which was mostly because I wasn’t ready to give it up, was filled with a few M & M’s, loose change and paper money. The chocolate bunny didn’t get looked at. Last year we ended the egg hunt all together and I put cash in eggs in their baskets.

This year, I decided I not complete ready to give up the Bunny’s visit all together. I am not going to worry about filling the baskets with stuff just to fill the baskets. But what do I get my teenagers? I went and bought them stuff that I knew they wanted or needed (ok they picked out the stuff) so I know it’s exactly what they wanted. No more chocolate bunnies or egg hunts! It’s gift cards, makeup and video game chargers and of course an egg with cash! I still had to continue at least one tradition! Oh and M & M’s so I guess that’s two traditions!

And maybe a chocolate bunny just for me!