Flip Flops

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imageFlip Flops! I’m kinda obsessed! Ok I’m really obsessed! Just ask my daughter Abby!

I love Old Navy Flip Flops! I love how they are so cheap! Two pairs for $5.00. I even hit a sale last summer where they were on sale for $1.00 a pair? I had hit the flip flop jackpot!

Walk into an Old Navy and go to the flip flop wall. It is literally a rainbow of pure fun. Every year they get new fun colors. This year so far I have gotten red, white and blue (getting on my patriotic) white soles with purple swirly tops, silver and hot pink! Obsessed! I have black, brown, copper, pewter, tan, turquoise, navy and a bright neon orange with a peace sign molded on top! I have a pair that matches just about everything!

During flip flop season, which in my book is as soon as it hits 65 degrees, they are everywhere in my house. I have a pair by the back door and the front door. One by the door going to the garage and usually a pair in the car. I wear them to get the mail and to take care of the dogs. They go to the pool and on vacation? If they can be worn, they will!

Thank goodness it summer so Incan wear my flip flops every day!