Sweet Sixteen

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Photo credit: DC Snaps

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Abby!

My sweet baby is all grown up! She is sixteen today!

Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday she was my new little baby girl? Born a week before Easter with a full head of dark curly hair. She won us over immediately and has been winning us over ever since.

She was so excited to turn 16 and not because she was getting her driver’s license. Because of her busy dance schedule, she will not be getting her license for a couple of months. She was excited to just be 16! It was like she was a little girl again. She has been dancing around the house for two days and telling everyone she was turning 16! She has been all smiles and laughter for days with anticipation of today!

Yesterday, she celebrated with her dance friends. They decorated cupcakes and played music and laughed and ate pizza? She just had fun, just like when she was little.

Today, she woke up and immediately wanted to open presents! We made a her cake together and decorated too! We had the whole family over for spaghetti dinner and cake. Pasta is one of her favorite things.

And now she is with her boyfriend on a walk! So I guess she is not a little girl after all. She is all grown up and 16. Sweet Sixteen!